2013 Workshop Michael Mangiafico

Michael Mangiafico komt in 2013 workshops geven in Leende.

Hieronder treft je een beschrijving aan van de inhoud van de workshops.


Michael Mangiafico has been teaching torchworking and glass blowing since 1993. His work is available from galleries nationwide and has been featured in art magazines and consumer publications.

Michael demonstrates at schools, fairs, galleries and other organizations. While his specialty is lampworking: making beads, marbles, and sculpture. He also makes jewelry, vessels, castings, and paperweights.

22 en 23 mei 2013

Flame Working With Fig

How do perspective, perseverance, as well as perception shape what we make at the torch? How can we optimize these to take us to the next level? Find out by playing with molten glass.

Learn torch-working skills in an enjoyable atmosphere with Michael (Fig) Mangiafico. Class focus will be on perfecting off mandrel procedures. We will begin with honoring fundamental procedures of Lampworking.

We begin honing our skills by bead making, pulling twisted cane, and fashioning small marbles. Then the class will learn about making loops, rings, and bails needed in producing off mandrel earrings just like Fig. All this will become your foundation to sculpt literally anything in glass.


25 en 26 mei 2013

Glass Entomology

Inspired by nature, this class covers techniques for sculpting various insects through torchworked glass.
Students will explore heat control, cane pulling and the basics of soft glass sculpting.

Cane pulling, murinni, and the application of enamel powders using soft glass are just some of the procedures students will experiment with. These will be used to build both literal rendering of natural insects, and more abstract interpretations. Students with some experience will benefit greatly from this class.


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