2008 Workshop Dora Schubert

Dora Schubert heeft van 29 februari tot en met 2 maart 2008 workshops gegeven in Leende. Hier heeft u een overzicht van de workshops.

Workshop for Stringer and Dot Applications


In this workshop, you will learn how to apply straight/curvy lines and dots on your beads. You shall be taught on how to adjust your flame which is necessary for the application of thin stringers and small dots. The workshop will begin with the different ways of pulling stringers and you will be pulling various thicknesses of stringers.

Along with the demonstrating the various techniques, I shall talk about color combination, design elements and source of inspiration for beadmaking.

This workshop is suitable for advanced beginners and intermediate (and above) lampworkers. It is not suitable for beginners without any lampworking experience. I will not be covering basic beginner’s techniques in this workshop.

Workshop for Latticino, Simple and Complex Twisties, Simple Murrinis


You shall be shown the different types of twisties (latticino or complex twisties) which you will be practicing during the first part of the workshop. Once you have ‘mastered’ making your twisties/latticino, I shall demonstrate on working the twisties onto your beads.

The second part of the workshop deals with making simple murrinis – you are encouraged to plan your murrini beforehand as murrini-making requires you to think cross-sectional and it is easier to plan on paper before working at the torch.

I will also discuss about color combinations in this workshop.

This workshop is suitable for advanced beginners and intermediate lampworkers. I do not recommend this workshop for beginners without lampworking experience as I will not be covering any basic lampworking techniques.

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