Finally a new layout

It took me more then a year to find the time to restyle this website. It has cost me a few hours but I am happy with the result. The new design makes the website readable on mobile phones and tablets in stead of only on computers.

While I was at it, I was able to add old postings from the former website. There is still a bit of work for me on the older postings.

Some parts of the website are in English but most are in Dutch. I have added a Google translate button. If you use the Google translate button, it will translate the whole website. So if you see some hilarious texts, it probably is Googles fault, not mine. ;-)

The color charts have had a make over too. I need to add the latest CiM colors, but the rest is finished. Also the color chart posters are now for sale here on this website and my lampwork tutorials here.

To celebrate the new layout, there is a 15% discount on the shop until the 14th of June if you use the coupon code: NewLayout

If you find anything not working or the layout doesn’t look proper, please let me know.

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