2016 Workshop Corina Tettinger

Corina Tettinger komt weer naar Leende om workshops te geven. De exacte omschrijving van de workshop komt nog. Er komen 2 tweedaagse workshops, 20-21 augustus “Beyond the Beginnings” en 23-24 augustus “Rainforest Beads”.

De tweedaagse workshop kost €525,= inclusief BTW. en de workshops zijn alle dagen van 10.00 tot ongeveer 17.30 uur.

U kunt zich hier inschrijven.

Beyond the Beginnings – 2 days
20-21 augustus 2016

This is one of my favorite classes, since it gives something to both beginners and more seasoned beadmakers. The course is loosely based on “Passing The Flame”, but goes into more detail, and allows room for individual interests.

I have been teaching this class for over 10 years now, and the feedback from students is still the same “I wish I had taken this class earlier …

What does the class include? Everything that is considered a “fundamental technique” – something that every beadmaker should have in their repertoire.

We will work on shaping beads, making the perfect round bead in no time, applying, spacing and manipulating dots, solving the “mystery” of stringer control and choosing the perfect encasing method for any type of bead. Bring your favorite tools and all the questions you might have – and walk away a better beadmaker than before….

Recently I started to teach this class in black, white and clear only, which is great fun and forces us to focus strictly on the technique, and not so much get side-tracked by trying to make “pretty beads”.

This class is perfect for beadmaker of any level of experience and will include a lot of personal attention to the needs of each student.


Rainforest Beads – 2 days
23-24 augustus 2016

This class is a minimum of 2 days, but could be extended up to a week….we will focus on a large variety of leaves, colorful flowers, butterfly and birds (or frogs) – apart from the design elements themselves, we will focus on heat control and 3 dimensional encasing. Great fun for intermediate to advanced beadmakers and really courageous beginners…

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