2014 Workshop Gail Crosman Moore

Nieuwe workshops

In mei 2014 komt Gail Crosman Moore weer workshops geven. Gail maakt de meest fantastische organische sculpturen in borosilicaat glas.
Gail maakt kleinere objecten in borosilicaat glas zodat je ze makkelijk op een Minor met één concentrator kun maken.

Texture, Color and Form in Borosilicate Glass

In this two day class we will be exploring “Texture, Color and Form”. Using borosilicate glass (Yes, on a minor on one concentrator!) we will be experimenting with color development, clear glass used as a magnifier and illusion technique… (and money saver)… and forms not typically used in bead production. “Terminal Beads” play a big part in my glass work, these beads made on the end of a mandrel, used for wine stoppers, hairsticks, pendants will be practiced, I will supply findings.

In addition to the glass time we will carve out a portion of our time to learn a bit about feltmaking. The marriage of glass and felt is a beautifully teamed pairing, one absorbs all light, is weightless and soft, while juxtaposed with the reflective, cold, weighted surface of glass, a wonderfully complementary relationship is formed.