2013 Workshop Paul Garofalo

Paul Garofalo komt in 2013 workshops geven in Leende.

Hieronder treft je een beschrijving aan van de inhoud van de workshops.

Paul Garofalo

Boro Sculpting

22 en 23 juni 2013

In this two day course we will start off with basic Boro sculpting with clear glass, going through easy steps to manipulate glass at the correct temperature to produce a figure with clarity. I will cover steps to create the right form and shape from a picture and how to join glass without leaving a seam. We will learn about pushing and pulling techniques, relieving stress in the flame and how to prevent your piece from cracking.

The next step will be making simple animation characters adding colour to your piece and learning the different processes of adding each individual colour in the flame. Depending how students progress we can move on to a more complicated piece, making separate parts of a character and fusing them all together to sculpt the final creation.

This will teach the students the uses of a kiln in soak mode whilst creating a sculpture. It will also give students certain knowledge to be able to go on to produce bigger sculptings if desired.

I will also be there in the class to help students in any way I can with individual questions and requests. Extra tools required for this class are; a sharp knife, 2mm brass tube, pair of round mashers, a tea spoon and a carbon paddle. If it is not possible to bring these tools we can improvise.

Paul Garofalo Paul Garofalo Paul Garofalo