2012 Workshop Corina Tettinger

Corina Tettinger komt in juni 2012 workshops geven in Leende.

Hieronder treft je een beschrijving aan van de inhoud van de workshops.

Thursday 14 June and Friday 15 June 2012

Beyond the Beginnings: Striving for Perfection – 2 days

This 2-day class is aimed at beadmakers who want a solid base from which they will be able any kind of bead-design they can envision.

What does this class teach?
Pretty much all of the things in “Passing The Flame”, and a bunch of new stuff as well:

  • how to make a round bead in no time
  • dot-application and designing with dots
  • dot-manipulation like poking, twisting, silver-lined dots
  • And then of course (the one thing that most students want to learn from me): stringer control

We will make a variety of twisties and striped cane, encased goldstone stringer, use of dichroic – and then we’ll encase, of course. The type of beads we’ll work on as the “graduation” pieces depend on the desire of the students, we either make florals, or tidepool/fossil beads, or something else altogher.

It is suitable for:

  • beginners (as long as they have basic familiarity with lighting the torch, dipping mandrels and safety precautions)
  • to advanced beadmakers, who feel that they could learn more about controlling the glass to do with they want it to do

The following things will be covered:
Shaping beads, dot application and manipulation, pulling stringer and stringer control, twisties and cane, encasing, and anything we have time left to do.


Sunday 17 June 2012

Frogs and Lizards

This is probably my all time favorite classes, I can hand over all I know about this in one day (wait? really? that is scary!) – and while some people told me in the past that they were not interested in making frogs, this is one of those times where I can answer: it doesn’t matter, you’ll enjoy it ANYWAY.

Because making a frog is all about one thing: heat control. If you can make a frog that is 3-dimensional and still sticks to the bead, you’re in business!
And there is more to a frog than just bright green! you will learn to use silvered glass or add color and texture by using frits and stringer….and I will teach you to make 17 different types of eyes – which you can put on any other kind of creature, or just use on beads in general as accent points.

Once we get beyond the lizard, we will add horns, wings or other types of addictional decoration….So, even if frogs aren’t your things, you might want to consider this day of fun and learning. While the main focus of this 1-day class is creating frogs and lizards sitting on top of beads, the techniques covered will also be useful for any kind of sculpting.

Intermediate / Advanced


Monday 18 June 2012

Frogs and Lizards

Same class as above.