2011 Workshop Sara Sally LaGrand

14,15,17 en 18 september 2011 komt Sara Sally LaGrand workshops geven.

Glass Corsage 2

woensdag 14 en en donderdag 15 september 2011
zaterdag 17 en zondag 18 september 2011

This class will focus on the creation of one or more glass corsages in a two day period.
The first day, will be the lampworking portion, followed by wire working and assemblage the second day. The students will learn 5 sculptural shapes; the pod, the crater, the disc, the berry and wing. Students will be required to bring their own tools.

The students will be required to have had several years of lampworking experience.

No beginners.

The students will be asked to email the names of the glass colors they intend to bring, and I will bring a color or two for them to spice it up and make them think beyond their own color choices. Experimentation with color combinations will be encouraged.
The students will be shown how to create glass sculptures using creative methods with the final design in mind. They will be making glass corsages of their OWN creation, not the exact piece shown. Each piece they create will be unique to them.

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