2011 Workshop JC Herrell

12, 13, 15 en 16 maart 2011 heeft JC Herrell workshops geven in Leende.

Stinger | Enamel


JC Herrell

zaterdag 12 en zondag 13 maart 2011


Class participants will explore wide variety of enamel applications and effects with 104 COE glass beads, including straight line stringer application in the two-day class.

This class is designed for intermediate beadmakers with the intention of expanding the student’s arsenal of design techniques into the wonderful world of enamels.

We’ll explore how to apply enamels to create vivid backgrounds, gentle color fades, faux surfaces and streaky lines, among other effects. As you become comfortable with the properties of enamels and learn how to avoid some common pit falls, you’ll also become familiar with wide variety of colors available from vivid to natural.

In this 2-day session we will also explore stringer application with an emphasis on drawing straight lines with crisp connections and working with thin stringers. The classes are loaded with information, supported with multiple handouts, and always tailored to the student’s need and requests. Practice time follows each demonstration to build skills and comfort one step at time, troubleshooting at each level.

JC Herrell
  1. Introductions
  2. Safety
    • Ventilation
    • Clean up
    • Eating & drinking
  3. Properties
    • Viscosity
    • Stickiness
    • Heat sensitivity
    • Transparent colors
  4. Enameled Stringer
    • Dipping and pulling: Viscosity | Handle | Color combinations
    • Applying: Brittleness | Distortion | Preventing boiling | Rolling and pulling for larger diameter str | Cane (optional based on student preference)
  5. Rolling in enamel
    • Surface heat vs. a cool core
    • Protecting the pucker
    JC Herrell
  6. Enamel Mixes
    • Mixing
    • Rolling
    • Sifting
  7. Sifting
    • Protecting the pucker & hole
    • Speckled effects
    • Fades
      • Shaping considerations
      • Color considerations
      • Loose fades
      • Tight fades
    JC Herrell
  8. Removing enamel
  9. Encasing enamel
    • Enameling the mandrel
    • Encasing enamel on glass
  10. Blowing enameled shards
    • Viscosity advantages
    • Distortion
  11. Stringer work
    • Color considerations
    • Lateral rings
    • Horizontal lines
    • Dragging
    • “T” intersections
    • End caps
    • “Hail Mary” fixes and corrections

The Joy of Stringer

JC Herrell

dinsdag 15 en woensdag 16 maart 2011

Detailed description

This 2-day class is designed for the soft glass beadmaker who is ready to get serious about stringer. Students will focus on building straight line stringer control and heat control skills through a process of observation and repetition.
Demonstrations will focus on the micro-details of drawing rings, end caps, horizontal lines, T-intersections, diagonal lines, termination techniques and the wonders of enameled stringer.

Demonstrations will be followed by lengthy practice time, including one-on-one troubleshooting and assistance. Discussions will also include the joy of practicing, color choices and design layout.

This technical class is loaded with tiny bits of information, supported with multiple handouts, tailored to student’s need and specifically designed to challenge, growing skills and confidence with repetition.


Basic class outline


  • About each of us
  • Class overview

About stringer
(Handout and stringer pulling session)

  • Practice
  • Stringer size
  • Stringer colors
  • Base colors
  • Enamels & other additions
  • Finishes

Fixes & tricks
Handout, demo and practice time)

Techniques (Handout, demo, and practice time on each technique)

  • Rings
  • End caps
  • Horizontal lines
  • Dragging terminations
  • T- intersections
  • Diagonal lines and spacing
  • Raking techniques
JC Herrell

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