TAG Zeus


Bundel van 110 gram van het originele TAG Zeus.

Op voorraad


Het glas wordt niet verzonden en kan alleen afgehaald worden in Leende.

Trautman Art Glass

Soda-Lime Color (Soft Glass): COE 104; Anneal at 945 Fahrenheit (Juno [TAG-104-10] at 975)

Working tips ZEUS (TAG-104-02)

This glass appears crystal clear in the rod, but changes dramatically when reduced, then struck. Zeus turns amber by itself and over light colors. Over black, it’s reduction film can be struck to a range from royal blue to turquoise to green.

Can also be reduced further to amber brown opaques. Encases well, and the reaction often gets more opaque under clear. Try it over oranges or reds for a great electric purple! On striking gold-ruby, Zeus can make a peachy color. It’s turquoise over purples…. etc etc!

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